Candidate Guide


Wade Troxell

During his tenure as mayor, incumbent Wade Troxell has been a strong supporter of a sustainable economy.  Mayor Troxell’s has been a strong leader in the creation of good jobs, working closely with the business community.

The other candidates for mayor, Kwon Atlas, Elizabeth Hudetz, and Michael Pruznick, have shown that they are interested in public service to their community, but Troxell’s record speaks for itself.

District 1

Nate Budd

Nate Budd has a strong plan to create jobs, reduce underemployment, and provide for more affordable housing in Fort Collins.  His record in the non-profit sector provides community-wide, solutions-based experience to get the job done.

Bob Overbeck: With his votes against primary employers in Fort Collins, Bob Overbeck has added burdens onto some of the businesses that create good jobs.

District 3

Ken Summers

Ken Summers understands that creating good, high-paying, primary jobs should be a priority for the next City Council.  He supports making sure Fort Collins remains business-friendly by keeping taxes and fees low and reaching out to new potential employers.

Gordon Coombes: Gordon Coombes supports the Climate Action Plan, a $300 million project that would increase regulations on businesses and families.  The Climate Action Plan would make it harder to create jobs and make our economy more sustainable.