Good Jobs and a Stronger Economy

At CSE we believe that an opportunity economy that creates good-paying jobs is a sustainable economy. We must retain and attract clean primary employers to Fort Collins with our strong quality of life, reasonable taxes, and efficient, accountable, and transparent government.

The City Council must focus on primary job creation and ending the challenges of underemployment.

Less Traffic, Safer Roads

Fort Collins has worked to plan for growth, but we can still do better. We must maintain existing roads, fix chokepoints, and invest in better roads and safer intersections.

Traffic affects us all. We must continue to make it easier for the people of Fort Collins to get to work and school each day.

Widening I-25

We must widen I-25 to preserve our quality of life. I-25 is the gateway to Northern Colorado and is crucial to our economy. Residents who commute daily on I-25 face burdensome traffic and unsafe conditions. We are facing 3 hour trips to Denver and DIA in the years ahead if we don’t fix this problem.

It must be a priority of the Fort Collins City Council to work with regional partners and state and federal officials to widen I-25.

Climate Action Plan

To address climate change, we should do so within the existing city budget or ask voters to approve new funding. Raising fees and utility rates hurts Fort Collins families and small businesses who are struggling to make ends meet. Fort Collins is already a national leader in promoting a healthy climate.

Excessive spending on climate action without understanding the expected benefits and results and considering the tradeoffs to other important services in the city budget is harmful.