What is Citizens for a Sustainable Economy?

Citizens for a Sustainable Economy has been an active participant in ballot initiatives and has helped educate voters about candidates in local elections. In the past seven years, Citizens for a Sustainable Economy has published research papers focusing on primary jobs, conducted extensive research and public opinion polling on business issues, including the Woodward expansion, led the fight on ballot initiatives focused the core functions of local government such as law enforcement and transportation infrastructure, and educated voters about the issues and candidates in municipal elections.

2021-2022 And Beyond

Citizens for a Sustainable Economy is embarking on an ambitious campaign to expand to meet the new challenges facing Northern Colorado.

Our plan of action for 2022-2023 is:

  • Provide research and information about issues facing Northern Colorado.
  • Create a true grassroots organization that can speak out and take action.
  • Educate the community and voters about the importance of a stronger local economy.

Why Was CSE Founded?

Area business owners, managers and employees love this area. The amount of employee time and company money they put into various community causes is remarkable. Those community contributions are on top of the goods and services amenities they make available to residents, the taxes they pay in support of local and state government and schools and the people they employ.

Why do businesspeople make such civic investments? They don’t just operate companies here; most of them also live in Fort Collins or in the immediate area. This is their home, their neighborhoods, their schools, their community. They want the best for their community, the community they live in and raise their families in.

They want their own businesses to be profitable, but in the larger context they believe that the community needs its businesses to succeed to be able to afford the great quality of life we all want.

The quality of local government, and the philosophies of decision-makers on the city council, can harm businesses. While businesspeople are busy running their enterprises and contributing to their communities, bad policies by local government can act against them.

In their enlightened self-interest – because of their businesses and as residents – some businesspeople recognize the jeopardy of not actively advocating for business and the community. That is at the heart of why Citizens for a Sustainable Economy was created.

There is a need for continuous communications with the public about the connection between great public amenities, the general welfare of the community and the overall quality of life and a strong local economy. That work will be accomplished through Citizens for a Sustainable Economy.